Hello dear blog readers!

It's time to post something in English now! As you see, we aren't speaking Finnish this moment. We haven't posted anything in English about us on blog so now we are going to tell you about us!

Who we are?

We are three 17-years old girls who are interested in decoration and the latest trends. We study in vocational college in "vocational qualification" line with a mix of entrepreneurship studies. That's why we even started a company called Belle Maison! It's actually funny how our name leads us to what's happening for us next.. but that you will find after reading this post. 

What is Belle Maison?

Belle Maison is yet a Junior Achievement company who produces interior and consumer goods mainly from concrete and a bit of wood also. After this summer (2019) we will work in our school's co-operative. From our producing materials 80% are recycled and we get them  from building sites as a superfluous materials.

Where did we got an idea to do JUST this?

We are all interested in decoration and latest trends so it was already chosen that we are going to do something about decoration. We knew that concrete as a material is trendy and modern we chose to do our products from concrete even we didn't even know how. Then we just started scrolling Pinterest and we got good ideas from there.
After all the numerous ideas and visions we decided to do trays, candle cups from concrete and a paperholder with some wood also. Those are still in our selection and we are looking forward to new products this summer and for autumn when the seasons starts.

Our values & customers

We want to be ecological to help climate change for not happening. We have thought nature in all our business decisions.  In our products you can see finished and simple design and sustainability forgetting beauty. 
Our customers are our motivators. We have adapt our selling process to customer demand. Our customers can tailor our products based on their wishes. We value long-term customer relationships and we strive to have them coming back to us several times

What we have learned?

The year as an entrepreneur has been very instructive and we have noticed that own initiative can save you from many situations. Another thing is that humor has been the key of our community spirit from the very beginning! When we started we actually didn't know anything about concrete... 

We found out facts for example calling to hardware store, asking for help from construction professionals and searching for information from the internet. At first we failed many times when producing our products. The product lot after each other started to look and work better. 

Also we have learned something about the teamwork, for example that it is important to choose the right people around. Because always the best friend isn't the best workmate. Even tho we have won every competition where we have been this far... we know that you do and have to lose sometimes. Therefore you learn the best. 

What next?

We are going to France, Lille for European Master- Junior Achievement competition on July 3-5. After that we will take a little relax even they say that entrepreneurs don't take it easy! We have decided to give us a holiday so we could be more energetic for the rest of the year.

-Pinja ♡


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